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Anxiety program

Anxiety day 8

How to heal anxiety

Accepting death and the incertainties of life

Anxiety english 8
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Accepting death and the uncertainties of life

We do not control the uncertainty of life but we can control the space and place we give to that thought in our mind. 

We cannot control what is going to happen to us. The only control we have is to enjoy or not the present moment. 

Healing anxiety isn't about reassuring ourselves that nothing is ever going to happen to us. It is letting go on wanting to control the future and understanding that the only guarantee we have is in the right here right now. 

The importance of bringing back our thoughts in the present moment and on building a sense of security and safeness in the right here right now. 

In order to be at peace with death, it is important to build an idea, an image, a story of "the after" with which you feel comfortable. 

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