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Anxiety program

Day 14


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Eating habits:


Keep in mind that caffeine, alcohol, tea, drugs, certain medications, and tobacco are not good friends with sleep. Deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin D and Zinc can also impact our sleep. For the evening meal, be sure to consume foods richer in tryptophanes than in tyrosine. 


If you have difficulty sleeping, make sure you have relatively regular times to get up and go to bed, and avoid naps if you feel they are interfering with your sleep.


Different studies have shown the benefits of 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity per day on our sleep. However, sport practiced at the end of the day can negatively influence your sleep.


Limit exposure to screens in the evening.

White noise:

Note that some people fall asleep much better with white noise (fan for example) in their room. In order to better understand the factors that trigger or amplify your sleeping difficulties, don't hesitate to write down your observations in a diary.

Psychological and emotional aspects:

The first step is to work on accepting the situation & letting go. The next step is to be able to decrease apprehension by associating sleep with something pleasant and rejuvenating rather than something stressful. That is to say that if you cannot sleep, still give yourself a moment of relaxation and recovery rather than a moment of panic and stress.


Sleep difficulties are often linked to too much stress or a buildup of unexpressed emotions. So be sure to discharge the excess tension by reconnecting and releasing your emotions, practicing physical activity, meditating, doing yoga, etc.


The other point that is often linked to sleep is hypervigilance. We are on the alert and we do not manage to relax. It is therefore also important to work on the origin of this hypervigilance and to reassure our inner child. You can also work on the feeling of security with the various anchoring exercises that we have performed (safe place, car, butterfly).

Exercice de relaxation

Relaxation arbre
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