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Anxiety program

Day 12

How to heal anxiety

Panic attacks

Panick attacks
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5 key points

1) Stop the cycle of fear. The more you fear your symptoms, the more you will produce stress hormones and the more your symptoms will then amplify. Your symptoms are not comfortable but they are not dangerous. They are just the signal that you have switched into the fight/flight/freeze mode.

2) Regulate the rythme of your breathing. To do so use the cardiac coherance exercices or applications (Kardia, Respirelax, CardioZen...)

3) Regulate the rythme of your eye mouvements.

4) Reactivate your prefrontal cortex: name what you see around you, name animals, colours, countries, make additions, moove, etc.) 

5) Restore a sense of security within yourself with the help of an image, a smell, a safe place, the car exercice, the butterfly exercice etc.

How to heal anxiety

Panic attacks - emergency video

Emergency panick attacks
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