Anxiety program

Day 5

How to heal anxiety


Reconnecting to our emotions part 1

To reconnect to our emotions we need to understand that there is no such thing as positive or negative emotions. All emotions are useful and important. They act as a compass, guiding us and giving us informations on our environment and on oursleves.

Key take aways

Understand the difference between emotions and behaviours.

We cannot control our emotions but we can control how we express them.

Your exercices:


1) Increase your level of consciousness regarding your daily emotions

2) At the end of the day make a scan of the emotions you encountered during your day

3) Learn how to welcome and accept your emotions with respect and without any judgements

Reconnecting to your emotions part 2: the body scan

How to release your emotional tension 

Some ideas to release your emotional tension



Sadness: Body scan, music, films, imagination, talking


Anger: talk, screaming in a pillow, imagination, move


Fear: move, cry


To release a tension and an emotion you can: laugh, sing, dance, cry, hug someone, have sex, move, etc. 

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