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Online sleep training program


"My child doesn't sleep.

She takes hours to fall asleep! He wakes up at night! She's scared of monsters! 

He cries when it's time to fall asleep!"

Sounds familiar?


This online training can help you.






We know how important sleep is for our children's development, emotional regulation, ability to concentrate, etc. A tired child is more irritable, has more difficulty to listen and learn, has fewer physical and emotional resources. We all would like our children to sleep well. But it is not always easy and we often feel lost in the midst of all the contradictory information we hear: "Let him cry! Do the 5-10-15mn technique. Sleep with your child, he needs it, etc. "


But sleep is not just important for our children. It's also important for us as a parent. The accumulation of fatigue sometimes brings out our "worst" sides, our impatience, our intolerance and so on. It doesn't allow us to be as efficient as we would like to on a personal, family and professional level. It is therefore important to understand how to create good foundations so that your child and yourslef can sleep well. help your child have sleep well 







As a child and parenting psychologist & psychotherapist for more than 15 years, I have seen and accompanied a large amount of parents and children facing sleep difficulties.

In this training you will benefit from the expertise acquired during these years of practice but also from my non judgemental and empathetic support as a mother ("I know what it is ;-)).

We will address concrete questions such as: "what to do when your child gets up 20 times at bedtime or cannot fall asleep? Or again:" What to do when he wakes up at night or when he comes into your bed? ”We will also talk about fears and crying. Finally, we will see why some children have more difficulties sleeping or falling asleep then others and what are the key foundations to build a great sleeping capacity. 

All this while respecting your child needs of attachment and security.

During the training, you will also have the opportunity to ask your questions!


Vous aurez également la possibilité de poser vos questions pendant la formation!

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How it works


Samedi 6 février 2021 de 10h à 13h.

Mais pas de panique! Si vous n'êtes pas disponible vous recevrez le replay de la formation


La formation de 3 heures est disponible pour seulement

49 euros


Formation live en ligne via google meet. Vous recevrez le lien de la formation en vous inscrivant ci-dessous


Pour tous les parents d'enfants de 1 à 10 ans

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