Anxiety program

Day 6

How to heal anxiety

Reconnecting to our inner child

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the child you once were. In order to reconnect yourself to that child it is important to not judge yourself and to not try and protect your parents. 


Reconnecting to our inner child is important in order to:

1) Heal our hypervigilance at its root

2) Gain more energy and suffer less from fatigue

3) Reconnect to our true individuality

Exercice to reconnect to the here and now

The exercices

Use the remote control to pass from a channel of anxiety to a channel of security and where you come back to the here and now.

Safe place (person, animal, object, etc.)

Feeling anchored

Reactivate the prefrontal cortex (name what you see, name colours, name fruits, do additions, etc.)

Reconnect to our inner child

Reconnect to our inner child

Think about the little girl or the little boy your were. 

Put yourself back in her/his shoes

Reconnect yourself to a moment where you felt sad, lonely, in danger or not safe, etc. 

Connect yourself to the emotions you felt and release the tension.

Once you have released that tension, bring to the child you were what she/he would have needed at the time (a hug, some reassuring words, holding hand, etc.) 

This is an exercice that you can do many times with or without the video in order to reconnect yourself to those deep emotions, release the tensions and bring safety and reassurance to the child you were.  

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