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Online anxiety training program


You would like to diminish your anxiety, worry less, have no more panic attacks and enjoy your life without the daily weight of anxiety?

This training can help you!

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Online anxiety training program

Hello and welcome!

If you are on this site it's most probably because you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety and you would like this to change. The aim of this online training is to accompany you on this path and help you reduce the place that anxiety, suffering and fatigue take in your life. This training will help you see anxiety in a different way and understand that the first step in order to heal your anxiety is to stop running away from it and to start listening to it. You will also understand the importance of working with your body and your emotions and not just your thoughts. You will receive concrete tools and information that will help you manage your anxiety and stop feeling overwhelmed by it.






As a psychologist & psychotherapist for over 15 years, I have followed many patients suffering from anxiety. I know how unbearable, suffocating and frightening anxiety can be. But I also know this from the inside as I myself suffered from anxiety as a child and young adult. These professional and personal experiences made me want to share with you the knowledge and tools that will allow you to better understand anxiety, to no longer fear it and to learn how to manage it. Whether you have panic attacks, OCD, underlying anxiety, recurring worries, ruminations, phobias or difficulty sleeping, this training will help you improve your quality of life.

Remember that anxiety is an opportunity that will change your life and help you heal your wounds & traumas, reconnect with your individuality, your energy and your creativity.  

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How does it work?

Once you've signed up, you will receive the link to the online training by email. You can watch the training at your own pace and on the screen of your choice (smartphones, tablets, computers). You will have full access to the training for one year.

During this training, you will understand your anxiety and its origin more in depth. You will learn how to reconnect to your true individuality and listen to your emotions. You will acquire concrete tools and have access to soothing and reassuring exercises that will help you manage and calm your anxiety.

The training consists of 15 videos and 7 podcasts (5 to 20 minutes per video or podcast). You will also have summary sheets that will help you keep the key points in mind.

Have a look at the program

This 4 hours online training is available for only 99$. You will have unlimited access to the training for 1 year.

Unlimited access to the online training for only 99$

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Who is this training for?

For anyone suffering from anxiety who would like to acquire more information, tools & resources to help them reduce the level of anxiety in their life. 

For those of you who have tried several techniques and therapies but who still suffer from anxiety.

For anyone who is ready to discover that anxiety is an opportunity that will change their life and help them heal their wounds, reconnect with their individuality, their energy and their creativity.

This training is also intended for parents of anxious children. Indeed, treating our own anxiety often has a major impact on the anxiety of our children.

Finally, this training is also designed for therapists seeking to supplement their knowledge and tools concerning anxiety.

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My name is Alessandra Cordey

I am a psychologist & psychotherapist member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists. I have been working for over ten years in a multidisciplinary private practice and have had the privilege to accompany hundreds of patients during these years. 

I did my training at the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and my specialisation in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the HUG and the Geneva medical-pedagogical department. I also had the opportunity to train in EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). This training has totally changed my professional life and my outlook on anxiety and how to heal it. 

I am also the author of the online guide Etre parent, parlons-en

A guide (in french) designed to help parents deal with their everyday parenting challenges. This work around parenting has been one of the motivations for creating this training on anxiety. Indeed, I have followed many anxious children as a psychotherapist and one of the key elements in these situations is to help parents manage their own anxieties. 

But this theme of anxiety is also particularly close to my heart because I myself had anxiety as a child and as a young adult. This experience made me want to understand anxiety more in depth, how to treat it, and how to help others lift off this daily weight of anxiety. Today I would like to share these resources and informations with you online to help as many people as possible heal their wounds, feel their best and understand the true message of anxiety.


I loved receiving the videos every morning. It helped me so much and I feel really less anxious! Coralie

Great, great, great! Thank you for this fantastic training. Easy to understand and to access. When are you launching a new training? I loved it! Cindy

I could follow this online training at my own rythme and very quickly I saw a lot of changes. Thank you, Francine

I've had anxiety for more then 10 years. I've done therapy but I have never learnt what you teach in your training. I regret that I haven't learnt all of that before. Your training helps me tremendously. Thank you, Karl

Fantastic online program. I highly recommend it. It will help you for sure. Estelle.

Great training, that I really found very interesting. The exercices on panic attacks are fabulous and I now can really manage them well. Nicolas

Thank you very much for this training which taught me a lot, even after years of working on my anxiety. The exercices are concrete, well explained and do not take long to complete. Yoiur remarks are full of common sense, which we often tend to loose due to stress. I also like being able to work on the child that I was and the parallel I can draw with being a mother of an anxious child. This training combines several tools and approaches. Thank you, Catherine

I really enjoyed following your videos and podcasts animated with simplicity, humanity and professionalism. Discovering this theme allowed me to understand certain aspects of myself and those around me. Helen

I highly recommend this training which allowed me to revisit an aspect of myself that I know well...Alessandra warmly accompanies us on this journey, providing clear explanations and concrete exercices that lead us to more internal security. Thank you for your generosity. Isabelle

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to email me if you do have any questions: